5 Garmin GPS Unique Features That Could Change Your Life

Garmin products have created the wave of innovation in the field of electronics. They keep their ‘New Arrivals’ section filled with high-tech devices which focuses on ease in usage and comfort of technology. It has soon become a brand by manufacturing and selling their signature products in categories such as aviation, automotive, sports & fitness, marine, wearables, cameras, sensors, GPS and more.

Talking specifically about the GPS devices by Garmin, they’ve excellent features which are unmatched with any other company around the globe. Look at some of the attributes:

  1. Tailor Made To Suit The Needs Of Users

GPS systems need the flexibility as not every console can be utilized by every user. Pilots, captains, riders and drivers have different set of their requirements which cannot be mixed. Therefore, you get devices customized on basis of:

  • Automotive
  • Hand Held
  • GPS Watch
  • Pilot
  1. Device Locates Satellite Without Delays

It is necessary connecting to at least 4 satellites to illustrate the 3 dimensional location of the vehicle. There are 12-15 satellites in view of GPS system which needs to create at least 12 channels to produce clear visuals of current location. Garmin GPS offers up to 66 channels where 12 to 32 are the most common at all times. So, whether you are in crowded remote location, forest or concrete jungle; you get the signals at times.

  1. New Maps Updates To Enhance The Services

Garmin map update helps to track down the busiest and clumsiest road maps of the hustling cities. It’s easy to drive around any place without the worries of traffic. You may contact the technicians to help you upgrade your device. Not only are the pre-loaded maps, these products best to track the live traffic conditions on roadways irrespective of the remoteness of the area.

  1. Comes With Special Accessories

To make your life even more comfortable, each device comes with special set of accessories.

  • Cover Case For GPS: You wouldn’t have to worry about keeping your GPS safe as it comes with a cover case to protect its screen from unwanted scratches.
  • Charger: It’s known to work for 12 hours when fully charged but when you charge it with the given charger; it takes no more than 5-6 hours to charge.
  • Car and Bike Mount: Don’t worry about the mounts as you get it in the package you buy. In fact, the quality of these mounts is appreciable in every smooth to harsh situations.
  1. Added Features Like No Other

Finally, some of the added features which are exclusive in Garmin products are:

  • Speed Alert: It allows you to set the limit of your speed. If you exceed it any time, you’ll get an alert buzz to slow down.
  • Bike Mode: You may set your route to be specific for bike. It’ll inform you the shortest and best suited path for bikers.
  • Altimeter: It’s specifically useful for people into hiking and aviation as it informs you about your current altitude.
  • Waterproof: It’s amazing features and value for money is enhanced by this very feature. Waterproof devices are not only safe but can be taken to hikes without the worries of weather.

Aren’t you already excited to own one of these trendiest electronics? Garmin support can not only solve the technical glitches of your device but we can provide you well-informed overview of Garmin GPS devices. Call us if you encounter any problem while operating your GPS system. Our professionals are well trained and experienced in diagnosing, repairing and updating your device instantly.