Your Guide To Update Garmin Maps Of Every Type

If there’s one thing that has got easy during the past few years, it’s updating your Garmin Maps. Going crazy to find out how? Because the world popular company has streamlined maps updates process along with access points. Wait, there’s a twist here. Things have turned a bit complex as well and that’s due to usage of more devices for more activities.
Moving on to another major change, it’s that most of the map updates are absolutely free. Garmin and few other GPS makers transitioned in a certain way to free the updates for a series of products that includes golf GPS and sports as well.

For map options such as international street maps beyond those purchased with your unit, payment has to be made.

Free Garmin Map Updates
If you have got any GPS unit that provides free Garmin map update, you will have to choose map update page. This is followed by downloading and installing the Garmin Express map updater utility, provided it isn’t installed already. Next step involves following the instructions to get Garmin Express running on the machine.

Purchase Street Maps
Purchase Garmin street map updates if you do not have free product lifetime map updates. You can make the purchase as downloads or as SD card updates as well. However, among these two, SD card updates are preferred more because they are simple and easy to use.

Garmin Golf Course Maps
Gold devices from Garmin are designed with free lifetime course updates that includes more than 15,000 courses across the world.

Garmin Maps for Cycling
These maps include street maps and topo maps meant for touring, training or commuting.

Garmin Maps for Outdoor GPS
When it comes to activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, etc. Handheld GPS act as dependable companions. Being outdoor map updates, these allow navigation with updated and accurate information.

Garmin Marine Charts
Most of the boaters trust Garmin charts for everything that ranges from lakes to the open ocean. These charts keep them off the rocks and include LakeVu, BluChart, and Great Lakes.

Aviation and Avionics
Aviation is an entirely separate and extremely regulated part of Garmin’s database offerings. To stay tuned with the latest information and keep the data up-to-date, Fly Garmin site is the best resource.

Downloading and Installing Garmin Express

Garmin Map Update

The Garmin Express application is popular known as the key that updates maps for a number of devices. It allows:

  • Updating maps
  • Updating golf course maps
  • Uploading activities to Garmin Connect
  • Registering products

Plugging in the Garmin device via USB port,
Downloading and installing Express for Mac or Windows
Opening the application

Express finds the device automatically and connects with it. Also, the app gives the options to update the software or map or sync the data.

This is an easy way to maintain latest operating systems on the device. Users can sync fitness and golf devices into Garmin Connect while they are logged on that service. If device operating system is updated, after Express informs that the update is successfully complete, disconnect the device, re-start it and activate the new operating system.

The device will prompt while stepping through the update process. Also, it will retain personal settings after operating system or map updates.

Last but not the least, if there happens doubt or any confusion, Garmin GPS support is just a toll free number away.