Living The Garmin Life: Customer Care Services At Your Doorstep

Garmin, a well-established name that needs no introduction. By engineering phenomenal products that simplify life, the company has for sure created a niche that can’t be touched. Sole aim of these professionals is making life comfortable for its people and letting them get the best out of every product.

With its own unique and incomparable approach, Garmin has introduced GPS navigation and wearable technology to marine, fitness, automotive, outdoor and aviation markets. At Garmin, every day is an opportunity to serve customers better, innovate more and beat the previous day.

Meeting Customers Needs With Array Of Services

Meeting Customers Needs With Array Of Services

Keeping its customers ahead in every situation, Garmin excels in all areas it deals with. For a better picture, let’s take a look how the company serves its clients in different sectors:

Automotive and Mobile Segment: Offers products including navigation applications for smart phones, personal navigation device and motorcycle-specific navigators.

Aviation segment: Comprises of VHF communications transmitters, GPS-enabled navigation, automatic flight control systems, multi-function displays, traffic advisory systems, electronic flight instrumentation systems, instrument landing system receivers, traffic collision avoidance systems, audio panels, surveillance products and cockpit data link system.

Marine segment: Includes network products and multifunction displays, marine networking products, autopilots, fish finders, radar, fixed-mount GPS and chart plotter products, handhelds and sounder products.

Outdoor segment: Offers integrated personal training systems designed for cyclists, outdoor handheld devices for hikers, geocachers, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, portable GPS receivers and accessories including lightweight training assistants for athletes, handheld two-way family radio service and general mobile service, handheld GPS navigators with built-in mapping, lighacking system and handheld GPS for golfers, and GPS-enabled dog this compact.

Fitness segment: Includes Garmin connect mobile application and Garmin Swim and weight training assistants for athletes with integrated GPS sensor.

Whenever a customer undergoes any issue in any of these areas, he/she can contact the professionals and access timely Garmin customer service.

Some Other Promising Segments

Apart from the above-explained segments, Garmin has a lot more in its kitty. Other than personal and in-car GPS systems, it deals in selling products targeted at outdoorsmen and GPS systems for planes, boats and runners. Obviously, these products aim at improving quality of life for people with utmost trust in the company.

Map Update

To get the best benefit from latest changes made to locations and roads on the map, customers are suggested to update the map. As obvious, Garmin map updates hold significant information and is quite huge. As the details need to be downloaded on the computer first, update take several hours to complete.

Garmin Map Update

Everyone who wants to update their map must follow the below-given instructions:

  • Remove the SD card from GPS device before beginning with the process
  • Connect the GPS device to a PC that has Internet connectivity
  • Select Mass Storage Mode
  • Install the file “launcher.exe” and execute “launcher.exe”
  • Follow Garmin Updater instructions and wait until detecting GPS model name
  • Select OK
  • Garmin Updater lists updating items, like software update and map update
  • Select Update and follow on-screen instruction
  • Wait until Update Completed appears
  • Select Exit

With this, Garmin map update procedure ends. Remove the USB connection from the system.

Whatever assistance you want and whenever you want, feel free to contact the customer care executives. Rich with a plethora of services, Garmin is undoubtedly your partner for a better and advanced lifestyle.